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Niko Kralj has made an important contribution to 20th century industrial design. Today, we continue in his legacy, working together with contemporary designers who shed new light on these iconic designs.

Niko Kralj

Niko Kralj (1920-2013) was the founder of Rex Kralj and is considered to be one of the central figures of Slovenian post-war industrial design. The forward-thinking inventor attended the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and produced his first designs in 1953. In the course of his professional career, Kralj filed and registered more than 120 patents and models, wrote 40 research papers, appeared at more than 90 exhibitions, and published more than 100 articles on design. In 1962 Niko Kralj received the highest Slovenian award for culture — the Prešeren Award — for his achievements in the field of architecture and design.

Selected awards
  • Prešeren Award
Product designs

Rex Series

CC Series

Shell Lounge Series

Marjan Žitnik

Since 1990, when he graduated as the first student in Industrial Design from the Academy of Fine Arts Ljubljana, he has been freelance artist working in the field of culture. He designs furniture, playground equipment, medical appliances, various machines and devices.

Encountering Žitnik's products, from plastic water bottles to agricultural machinery, is pleasing and relaxing as they do not instruct, restrict or force one to embrace a certain life style; they are merely solutions to the problem of improving things, making them friendlier and also more beautiful. His is a design that does not create a "designed" world, Žitnik intervenes into space which we all inhabit, be it a road, a field or a meadow, an eatery, a workplace, public institute, kindergarten or a park, health establishment or an ambulance, and ultimately an apartment, the only place where we can decide for "a Žitnik" ourselves – not as a status symbol, but because of its appealing form. Such design is rare and there are only a few such designers, especially in Slovenia, as Žitnik's products are characterized by feasibility, which means that they comply with the producer's technological options as well as their idea of marketability.

Product designs

Project Chair

Project Bar Chair